Travel rules

Skipoli ry’s (Business ID 0660620-6 (Y-tunnus)) travel rules

By signing up on a trip organized by Skipoli ry (later Skipoli), the trip participant will agree to comply with these travel rules. These rules are designed for the safety of both the trip participant and the Skipoli association.

The rights and obligations of Skipoli:

  • Skipoli has the right to change travel destinations if necessary, however, that this incurs no extra expenses for the participant and the quality of the new destination is similar to the original one. The organizer must notify of any changes as soon as possible.
  • The time and place of departure on the trips is told in good time in order for the participants to be at the right spot at the right time.
  • Should there sign up more participants than there is space on the trip, Skipoli is entitled to freely pick the people that can attend
  • If the trip is canceled, participants will be refunded in full the price paid, or if the trip is interrupted, the corresponding part of the trip price, however, so that the costs incurred by the interruption are paid first.
  • If Skipoli is forced to cancel the trip for any reason unrelated to Skipoli (for example a war in the destination country, natural disaster, devaluation etc.), Skipoli will return the participants the part of the trip price that remains after the cancellation costs incurred have been paid.
  • The Board of Skipoli has the right to restrict the eligibility of a tour leader to carry out legal action, and to hear the trip leaders in travel-related matters.
  • Skipoli is not responsible for the attendes nor for their actions.

The rights and obligations of the participant:

  • Trip participants must declare all the information required in the registration and provide additional information upon request.
  • Trip participants travel insurance must be valid for the entire journey, if the trip duration is longer than 24 hours. A valid travel insurance is encouraged on trips that are less than 24 hours in duration.
  • The participants are responsible for themselves and for their own actions.

If the trip is less than 24 hours in duration:

  • The registration is binding only when the reservation fee is paid. If there is no reservation fee, the registration is binding if it is not cancelled before 21 days before the trip departure. Exceptions to these rules can be made if discussed with the trip organizer or Skipoli.

If the trip is over 24 hours in duration:

  • The participants have the right to cancel their trip registration before 21 days before the trip departure. Then the part of the reservation fee is returned that is left after paying for the costs incurred by the cancellation. If a new participant can be found to fill the spot, Skipoli is bound to return all the payments made by the participant prior to cancellation out of which the possible costs incurred by the cancellation are deducted. The trip organizer must be informed immediately about the cancellation.
  • Payments must be made on time, unless otherwise agreed with the trip organizer. If the payments are not made on time or the participants Skipoli membership fee is not paid, the participant may be withdrawn from the trip by the trip organizer.
  • Skipoli has the right to collect additional funding from the participants, if the need for additional funding is not due to Skipoli. If the additional funding seems unreasonable to the participant, he has the right to cancel the trip. In the case of cancellation, a refund will be made in the previously mentioned manner.
  • The trip organizer must be notified of any cancellations.
  • If someone cancels his trip, his spot is automatically transferred to the next person on the trip waiting list if there is a waiting list.
  • All remarks about the trip must be made in written to the board of Skipoli within a month of the end of the trip.
  • The participants must arrive on time to the departure point of the trip. Participants arriving late are waited only as long as is possible within the schedule. A participant that has missed the trip due to being late can be returned a part of the price paid that is not needed to pay for the costs incurred by the participant not being on the trip, depending on the trip organizers discretion.