Svanstain exclusive powder holiday

Come to enjoy fresh powder to SVANSTEIN 28.2-1.3.2020!

All goes as follow:
1. Jump to the night train
2. Wake up at pello, buss takes you to powderparadise
3. Enjoy three days of skiing
4. Wake up Monday morning refreshed at Helsinki railway station

The deal is 3 day Ski pass, 2 night accommodation, food (2x breakfast, 3x lunch ja 2x dinner) and buss rides.

Price 2145kr/ppl approx 205€

Train reservation by yourself
27.2.2020 klo: 20:28 Helsinki – 28.2.2020 klo: 09:54 Pello
1.3.2020 klo: 18:59 Pello – 2.3.2020 klo: 09:45 Helsinki

More info: