Skipoli has a SEASONS OPENING PARTY at Rantasauna, Otaniemi on 5.10. Come kick start the best skiing/snowboarding season of all time with us! We have a free-for-all rail/jump-session with lots of snow for snowboarders and skiers.
Take your friends and baguettes with you and PARTY!!

(suomi) Akateemisten Hiihtoseurojen ensimmäiset yhteiset pikkujoulut ovat täällä! Mukana Skipoli, Rinnerikolliset, Uniriders ja Curvatura.
Esiintymässä Helsingin kuumin, ketterin ja kovin räp-nelikko, uuden levyn vastikään julkaissut GASELLIT.
Pistetään glögi virtaamaan ja piparia tarjolle!!

Academic Skiing Clubs present the annual ski day!
On Wednesday the 12th of March we travel from the three campuses to the mountain of Vihti. There we ski and party! From Vihti we go to the after party at Euphoria in Sörnäinen. There we eat and party!

2.6. 19.00 Skipoli END OF SEASON PARTY @ Otaniemi Rantasauna. SEASON’s OUT, SUMMER’s UP, SPRING BRÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖIK!!!!!!!! Prepare for sauna and party – take your towel and some €€ !! PHOTO CONTEST: Post the best picture of your seasons uphills or downhills to this event or send via email to – best ones get rewarded […]

Academic skiing clubs together organised sauna night before the annual Ski-Expo! Come to collect ticket to this years go expo winter! Address is Jämeräntaival 3A top floor sauna. Bring towel! Starting at 18 in 13.11.2019.

Skipoli annual meeting to review the financial statements and statement of performance auditors. Then decide to accept discharge for the Board of Directors. Also review the budget for ongoing season and execution plan, then confirm it. Event takes place on 19.11.2019 at 18.00 in clubroom Jämeräntaival 11 A-B base floor. All skipoli members are warmly welcome!

Bönthöchristmaaaas! Join us in our pre-christmas at the Skipoli clubroom and sauna, 7 pm on Friday 13.12.2020. There will be enough of our top-secret-“tuhnu”-drink for everyone, (if you buy a ginger biscuit for 5 euros). Bönthösanta will be there to share some Christmas happiness. Bring a present (approx 2 euros) for Santa, if you’d like […]

Alpine doctor has invited you to this table party! This isn’t a regular one! Tune your self ready for Johnny Däpp and Sweet Caroline! Date 14.2, location OK20 large side Was? Das Sitz Warum? Hüpfen Wo? Hütte Wer? Hans Gugelmeister Dresscode: Dirndl, Lederhosen, Stroh, Alppi, Apres-ski… Price max 15 € Sign up on Monday 3.2. at 12.00. […]